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unlocking your clair senses

Unlock the Key to your 6 Clair Senses

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Clairsenses Quiz

Which is Your Strongest Psychic Ability? Find out which of the four psychic abilities would be the easiest for you to develop. Get Started Now

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What Is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance is the clair sense ability to know things with the utmost certainty. Claircognizance derives from the French word “clair” meaning clear and “cognizance” which

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Clairsentience Banner with Carlos the Medium

What is Clairsentience?

What is the meaning of clairsentience? This is a question I am often asked! The word clairsentience means ‘to feel or perceive energy’ with the

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Woman whispers into man's ears

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the ability to hear (with the spiritual ear) the voices of those who have departed the physical realm and are now in Spirit.

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Clairsentience 101!

What is Clairsentience? Clairsentience is the ability to sense and feel the energy! The word clairsentience comes from the combination of the French word “clair”

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Two spirit guides

Spirit Guides 101

The Basics of Spirit Guides Depending on who you ask there are many subjective interpretations, opinions, and theories on spirit guides. The term is often

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Psychic and Mediumship Development

If you’re interested in learning to develop your mediumship abilities or how to connect with those in Spirit will have some upcoming online classes on these topics very soon.