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A naturally gifted clairvoyant and evidential medium located right outside Washington D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia.

Carlos the Medium
Carlos The Medium is an Evidential Medium, and Psychic that offers reassuring and comforting messages to people who are grieving the death of their loved ones. He also offers psychic insight into your life to provide you with clarity and life direction. Messages from your loved ones in Spirit may give you the strength and confidence to heal in a time of transition, despair, and loneliness after losing your loved ones.

Carlos will serve as a messenger for your loved ones in Spirit. His messages will touch your heart and enable you to begin the healing process from the loss of your departed loved ones. Carlos aims to provide validations from your loved ones in Spirit that will help you transition and move forward with your life. Spirit is exceptionally creative in communication, and Carlos uses his sensitive abilities to relay their messages to you.

Sessions are offered in person outside the Washington DC Metropolitan area in Northern Virginia. If you wish to record your sessions, you have that option.
"I specialize in connecting with those who have departed and providing validations that your loved ones are still present among us. On top of providing closure and healing, I also use my strong psychic, intuitive, and empath abilities to deliver messages regarding your life."

How a Psychic Medium Can Help You Washington DC?

Psychic mediums facilitate the communication between you and your loved ones in Spirit. Psychic mediums have the Clairsense ability to see, hear, and sense the energies of those in the spirit world. There is no exact science to psychic mediumship, but it is a creative and spiritual craft in bringing through those who are in Spirit during a session. All communication with Spirit is subject to creative interpretation and mastery of experience from the Medium.

Carlos can use all of his Clairsenses which include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear sensing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). Carlos uses all Clairsenses just mentioned in the communication process with those in Spirit and to connect in a psychic sense with your energy to see some of the life lessons present with you.


Carlos the Medium may be able to help you with a psychic mediumship session. In his sessions, Carlos aim’s to connect and communicate with your departed loved ones in Spirit and to provide you validations from them that life continues after so-called “death.” Connecting with your loved ones may aid you in the healing process from the loss of your loved ones.

Carlos also will give you intuitive messages of psychic insight into your personal life that may assist you in many matters regarding career, life direction, and relationships among other things.

These psychic and intuitive messages may help you see things clearer in your life and possibly give you solutions to the many challenges that may be present in your life.

What is the difference between Clairvoyant readings and Psychic Mediumship readings?

Clairvoyant readings refer to the ability of those who are sensitive enough and able to communicate using their senses with those in Spirit and relay messages from them. 

Psychic mediumship readings are a hybrid fusion of a psychic reading which involves connecting in a psychic sense directly with the client’s life and from a mediumship standpoint which allows the Medium to connect and channel the client’s loved ones. Clairvoyance is a technical term for someone who can use extrasensory perception to communicate with those in Spirit.

Those seeking clairvoyant psychics may be seeking clarity, insight, and answers to things revolving around their life, such as career, love, and life direction, among other things.

What People Are Saying

Validation of Messages from Spirit 

Spirit could be trying to communicate with you through various signs in everyday life or your dreams. The communication process with Spirit is extremely subtle to the point that your loved ones could be coming through by different smells that remind you of them such as a particular smell of perfume or cigar smell.

Maybe you hear a song that your grandfather used to play or you see something that reminds you of someone you love that has passed. A spirit may be trying to say hi or send you a priceless message. 

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