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What Is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance is the clair sense ability to know things with the utmost certainty. Claircognizance derives from the French word “clair” meaning clear and “cognizance” which means to know. Claircognizance simply means clear knowing. More On Claircognizance Claircognizance is one of those clair senses that comes to you as needed whether you are connecting psychically or […]

Unlock the Key to your 6 Clair Senses

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We use our main senses every day in our lives without even thinking about them. Applying them comes to us second nature from the moment we awaken to the time we fall asleep. I am talking about our ability to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. These main senses allow us to function and excel […]

What is Clairsentience?

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What is the meaning of clairsentience? This is a question I am often asked! The word clairsentience means ‘to feel or perceive energy’ with the senses. However, there is more to the meaning of clairsentience than feeling energies around one’s self. Everyday Clairsentient Meaning So what does it mean to be clairsentient and how does […]

10 Signs You Are Clairsentient + Insider Tips to Flourish

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Someone who is clairsentient has the psychic or intuitive gift of being able to feel or sense energy. We can use the umbrella term “energy” for our context to refer to people, animals, places, things, and even spirits. Remember clairsentience simply means ‘clear feeling.’ If you subconsciously pick up sensations, emotional feelings, or simply the […]

What is Clairaudience?

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Clairaudience is the ability to hear (with the spiritual ear) the voices of those who have departed the physical realm and are now in Spirit. The word comes from the combination of the French words ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘audience.’ Audience originates from the Latin word ‘audientia’ which means ‘the act of hearing.’ In basic […]

Understanding Clairvoyance : See Clearly through your Spiritual Eye

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What Is Clairvoyance? Clairvoyance is the ability to see with our spiritual eye with those who have departed the physical realm and are now in Spirit. The word clairvoyance comes from the combination of the French words “clair” meaning clear and “voyance” relating to the ability to perceive things not present to the senses. In […]

Clairsentience 101!


What is Clairsentience? Clairsentience is the ability to sense and feel the energy! The word clairsentience comes from the combination of the French word “clair” meaning clear and the Latin word “sentiēns” meaning feeling or perceiving with the senses. That being said, clairsentience means the ability to feel, sense, and perceive clearly. Clairsentience and Energy […]