What is Clairsentience?

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What is the meaning of clairsentience? This is a question I am often asked!

The word clairsentience means ‘to feel or perceive energy’ with the senses.

However, there is more to the meaning of clairsentience than feeling energies around one’s self.

Everyday Clairsentient Meaning

So what does it mean to be clairsentient and how does this apply to you? Everyone is clairsentient to a certain degree. It is the ‘master sense’ of the six clair senses so you already have this natural ability to feel the energies of others around you. From those closest to you such as your immediate family to even random strangers.

The instinct that warns you that someone or something doesn’t feel right to you–or you perceive danger or any form of threat. These ‘feelings’ or instincts is your innate clairsentient ability. We all have it to some degree.

Another example is the feeling you perceive when you meet someone for the first time. Often you can tell right away that you’ll get along great or you won’t at all! This is a classic example of you using your clairsentience in your everyday life.

Over the many years, I often used my clairsentient ability when I was developing as a medium. I felt despite the challenges I encountered and the ones ahead– I should continue moving forward. These feelings allowed me to overcome challenges and roadblocks in my long journey.

Clairsentience sometimes means that something feels right for you or it doesn’t. That’s the beauty of this ability. It is one of the special gifts that can be used: in any situation or place.

Clairsentience isn’t only for those who work in the holistic and spiritual arts.

The more you begin to apply your ability to feel and sense the energy around you, the more meaning this ability will have in your daily life.

Develop the Clairsentient in You

In any situation, clairsentience should be your immediate go-to sense . Being able to sense things further, you can use your judgment or discernment for a quick or well-thought-out decision.

Clairsentience will sometimes evoke sensations, feelings, and emotions that are counterintuitive to your logical way of thinking and decision-making. That’s okay because it might not always make sense to you.

As you trust those natural sensations, you’ll begin to fine-tune it.  As your clairsentient ability sharpens, you’ll be able to count on this sense at any moment in time.

I often think that the meaning and purpose of clairsentience is to help us trust our inner knowing of what our senses are telling us–externally around us and internally with us.

This is why clairsentience in the spiritual and holistic communities is known as the master sense. It is the go-to sense for many spiritual gurus as usually, it is the strongest sense one possesses.

Learn to trust your Clairsentience

The meaning of clairsentience is beyond feeling and perceiving with your immediate senses– we also have to be able to expand and enrich it.

A simple way is by using it regularly and trusting what you perceive whether you agree with it or not.

One of the hardest things is to trust what you are receiving. Most people disregard their ability to tune into the energies of others around them or their environments. As a result, their clairsentient skills remain dormant and not awakened.

How do you expand your clairsentient abilities?

Besides using your this ability around your immediate surroundings, you can also use it to feel the energy at a further range. This could be at a different part of your house where your children are playing or even before arriving in the environment at a work meeting.

By expanding your range in your sensing abilities, you’re able to cast out your net further to tune into other energies. Not only your immediate area. Your clairsentience ability will become more accurate in any situation or setting–regardless of the range.

The next time you are meeting with someone new, feel what the conversation feels like to you. Don’t only think about what was said. What do your feelings tell you about their aura? What do their personality, character, and intentions feel like? As you practice and hone this skill, you’ll be able to immediately tell if you’re using your clairsentience.

Travel to a New Place to Become More Clairsentient

A great tip to master this ability is to travel to a new city or country. Soak up the experience through your clairsentience. A whole new way of life and culture will have your clairsentient feelings buzzing and bouncing all over the place.

This is because this foreign environmental landscape and people are different. This is a major opportunity to utilize your “spidey senses” to feel what is new around you.

For me, the meaning of life is to go and sense the unique experiences and people around you.

New experiences are what grows us individually and spiritually.


Clairsentience is not a special nor esoteric ability for those who are initiated in psychic abilities or mediumship.  It was gifted to all humanity to embrace during the day-to-day gift of life.

Once you embrace this special and intimate connection , you’ll be able to access an invisible lexicon. It will encourage and guide you everywhere and every day–all for your highest good.

Allow for the natural flow of clairsentience to have meaning in your life.

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