What is Clairaudience?

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Clairaudience is the ability to hear (with the spiritual ear) the voices of those who have departed the physical realm and are now in Spirit. The word comes from the combination of the French words ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘audience.’ Audience originates from the Latin word ‘audientia’ which means ‘the act of hearing.’

In basic terms, clairaudience meaning is ‘clear hearing.’

And the meaning of Clairaudient is ‘one who possesses clear hearing.’

Let’s Talk About Clairaudience

Clairaudience is one of the rarer and somewhat elusive clair senses. It is typically the last sense to develop for many mediums and lightworkers. The development process to hear the inaudible sounds of Spirit can be snail like for some– and for others more swift. It is important to note that not all mediums develop their clairaudient abilities. It is also not uncommon to plateau at a certain point with one’s clairaudient hearing.

Fortunately, most mediums who are not fully clairaudient are stronger in the other senses:
clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.

Clairaudience is often associated with mediumship and hearing the silent whispers of Spirit. One can be a psychic, intuitive, a healer, or any type of lightworker and be clairaudient.

Clairaudience relates to the throat chakra and the color blue in energy chakras.

2 Types of Clairaudience

There are two ways we can hear: objective and intuitive clairaudience. The latter is more common and used more by those with this hearing ability.

Objective Clairaudience

Objective clairaudience is when one hears voices or sounds that are physically present but only to the spiritual ear of the medium. No one else or any recording device can hear these words or sounds that are only audible to the medium.

For everyone else in this scenario, the physical words and sounds never came through. Objective clairaudience is exceedingly rare. I will discuss in another blog how energy plays a role in why this is the case.

Intuitive Clairaudience

Intuitive clairaudience is more common and is how most of us receive the words and sounds from Spirit. In this case, the words and sounds are silently coming from within our head.

With this form, we are listening to thoughts that are created soundlessly in our minds. Breaking it down ‘Charlie Brown’ style–words are mutely heard as a direct result of thoughts in your own consciousness. These inaudible words created by thoughts in your mind are coming from a third party: which is Spirit.

How Clairaudience Really Works

The average person or a new student in psychic or mediumship development often thinks they will hear audible voices–like the same way we hear when we are having a conversation with our friends.

One can hear Spirit speak audibly, but I would say 99.99% of the time clairaudience comes as if someone is talking inside your mind. That inner clairaudient voice is very quiet and subtle. But to the well-seasoned inner spiritual ear, a lot of information can come from this silent chatter.

If you have ever been in a fight or flight mode, you may have heard a silent voice in your head give you instructions such as “run” or “don’t go down that street.”

This silent voice is how we receive our clairaudient communications.

Harry Edwards, a well-known English medium, said in his book, A Guide for Developing Mediumship
— “In hearing, sound impulses are converted into an intelligent appreciation of their meaning by virtue of one’s knowledge of how to interpret the result into words, whose meanings we understand.”

What Comes Through Clairaudiently

In simplest ways, anything that can be spoken can be heard clairaudiently. This is why developing one’s clairaudience can be very advantageous as a medium and lightworker.

As a medium one can hear clairaudiently:

  • names
  • initials
  • sounding of names
  • numbers
  • addresses
  • cause of passing
  • illnesses names
  • relationship
  • age
  • significant events
  • phrases
  • songs or lyrics
  • descriptions
  • simple messages
  • memories

Personally, one of the biggest advantages is in the ability to get names or specific messages of information from Spirit.

It sometimes takes more information and energy to convey a name through the other “clairs”–clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.

So it is easier to hear a name than try to use the other senses to bring that name through.

Case in point–the name Odessa is very uncommon. Clairsentiently, you would have to feel that name or energy of an Odessa. Clairvoyantly, you would have to see a face or a symbol for Odessa.
Claircognizantly, you would have to just know absolutely there is Odessa in Spirit.

With all that trouble it is easier to hear the name Odessa clairaudiently. Spirit always takes the path of least resistance–this would be a case when they would drop that name in your mind.

Clairaudience Limitations

In mediumship, as a medium, you’re only as good as what is stored in your brain. This consists of any knowledge, languages, experiences, memories, expertise, one has acquired in their lifetime.

That being said, if you don’t know how to speak Japanese, then you will not hear clairaudiently Japanese words or an entire sentence in this language. You may hear sounds or small pieces of a Japanese name: not its entirety. 

Spirit will only use the language that you are familiar with to communicate with you.

Also, if you have never heard or have stored in your mind a specific name then it is a lot harder for Spirit to drop that name clairaudiently in your mind.

The more you know, the more Spirit can use your clairaudience to bring through a name or a message.


Clairaudience is one of the most amazing clairs! It takes many years of practice and devotion in mediumship to develop but the wait is worthwhile. One of the hardest things to learn with clairaudience is how to recognize when you’re silently hearing that voice in your head. With enough practice and experience you’ll be able to discern between the two. Your clairaudience will become a strong tool in your clairs toolkit.

If you want to expand your clairaudient abilities you’ll need to create an extensive knowledge of:

  • proper annunciation of names
  • music lyrics that have deeper meaning
  • sounds of nature you can use as a reference when needed
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