What Is Claircognizance?

Visual Representation of Cliarcognizance
Visual Representation of Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the clair sense ability to know things with the utmost certainty. Claircognizance derives from the French word “clair” meaning clear and “cognizance” which means to know. Claircognizance simply means clear knowing.

More On Claircognizance

Claircognizance is one of those clair senses that comes to you as needed whether you are connecting psychically or mediumistically with Spirit. This particular clair sense of clear knowing is useful by providing you with precise information that is accurately correct. When you receive something claircognizant you will just know a piece of information that is certain whether it is the name of a loved one in Spirit of your client or a message providing insight into a matter that your client is dealing with.

With claircognizance, you will just know that knowingness is sharply accurate. It is more than a feeling of knowing but as if a thought in your mind that pops up and you process with confidence in its certainty. It is a mental knowing of things and that source of information does not originate from your mind. Claircognizance information comes to us directly from Spirit and so the source is from a third-party versus from ourselves or the auric field of the person you are reading for which would be a psychic source.

How Claircognizance Works

Our minds and bodies are like antennas that can pick up subtle energy vibrations that exist in the collective space around us whether it is Spirit, a person, place, or thing. Unlike the other clair senses of clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience deal with feeling, seeing, and hearing respectively. Claircognizance is strictly a knowing of things that comes to one randomly and spontaneously.

One way I liken claircognizance is similar to when we drive home from work or another place we are familiar with. The routine drive is stored in our memories and becomes second nature for us to take the route home without questioning it as we drive. We know the turns, streets, backgrounds and even the speed limits of our drive home without having to look at a GPS or any signage on the way home.

Pieces of information will just come to you with claircognizance. You do not have to actively try to use this sense to obtain information from Spirit. With the other main clair senses it is my experience that you can use them as needed but not claircognizance. That is what makes this clair sense of knowing unique.

As a medium, I find when I receive information with claircognizance it comes in during random sessions with clients but when it does come to me it is strong. I notice it comes to me as I am communicating back in forth in conversation with my clients. As I am talking with a client all of a sudden it is like a piece of vital information is dropped into my mind. Like when you have a new email in your inbox all of the sudden. The “you have mail” alarms go off in your head! It is similar in that sense as the timing of receiving things claircognizantly can catch you off guard. Once you receive the claircognizant message you have an immediate rush of confidence that this piece of information is important for your client.

All in all breaking down claircognizance it will seem like an immediate sense of knowing something to be certain is downloaded into your brain. That piece of instant information dropped into your mind is the claircognizant message.

5 Signs You Are Claircognizant

You may be receiving things claircognizantly already and not even know that you have this clair sense ability of clear knowing. Here are 5 signs you are claircognizant.

  1. You use your mind as the primary vehicle of your decision-making versus going with your “gut feeling” (intuition and clairsentience), observations (clairvoyance), or sound judgment (clairaudience).
  2. You connect with most people mind to mind than heart to heart. Your relationships are driven more by intellectual conversations than emotionally driven ones.
  3. Your mind spontaneously downloads critical information you need at the spur of the moment to assist you in your professional and personal life.
  4. Your family and friends describe you as being extremely quick-witted whether it is in your intellectual behavior or humor.
  5. You have a preference for mental exercises and board games that stimulate your mind and utilize your raw brainpower such as in a game of chess or solving a Rubik’s Cube.

3 Steps To Further Developing Your Claircognizance

As you have already probably picked up this clair sense deals with the mental mind as Spirit uses this part of ourselves to deliver essential needed information we can utilize. Developing your claircognizance will require patience and dedication like the other clair senses. Here are 3 steps to developing your cognizance abilities.

1. Meditation, meditation, meditation is key!

When we meditate with Spirit we connect with a higher vibration but it also teaches us to detach our minds from the chatter that goes on in our heads. Your claircognizant development needs to have a clear mind to receive information from those in Spirit.

2. Ask Spirit and you shall receive.

The law of attraction is always in motion in the universe so ask to receive information claircognizantly from Spirit. Over time you’ll notice pieces of information being sent to your mind that you didn’t think of on your own. Trust it!

3. You have to build up your confidence with what you receive claircognizantly!

This clair sense requires your mind to be available but more importantly whether you trust the incoming message from Spirit will sharpen your clair sense of knowingness. It is no different for those that don’t trust their intuitive gut. You lose it if you don’t use it

Psychic and Mediumship Development

If you’re interested in learning to develop your clair senses or how to connect with those in Spirit. I will be offering more blogs on this subject but also will have some upcoming online classes. Please send me a message if you’re interested in learning more about this at carlosthemedium.com/contact

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If you’re interested in learning to develop your mediumship abilities or how to connect with those in Spirit will have some upcoming online classes on these topics very soon.



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