Spirit Guides 101

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The Basics of Spirit Guides

Depending on who you ask there are many subjective interpretations, opinions, and theories on spirit guides. The term is often used in the holistic, new age, mediumship, and metaphysical communities. To the average person out there, they probably have never heard of the term spirit guides yet alone would believe in them.

My experience as a professional medium and my training through the United Metaphysical Churches and Arlington Metaphysical Chapel located right outside Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia has given me some knowledge and information on our connection and the role of our spirit guide team.

Spirit guides are essentially people who once lived on the Earth plane and now are serving as “guides and teachers” to us in this lifetime from the Spirit Realm. They have a spiritual connection to us and some out there in the metaphysical and mediumship communities state that our spirit guides have known us previously through other so on called prior lives.

To keep things simple your spirit guides are a team of individuals helping you with the many lessons you have come to grow and learn from here on Earth. They have been with us since birth and will be there until our time comes to go home after physical death.

How Spirit Guides Are Chosen

We attract our spirit guides through the universal law of attraction. The energy of who we are in this lifetime and the lessons we came here for attract the type of spirit guides we work with.

For example, someone who is on a path of helping people through writing perhaps some of their spirit guides have had lifetimes in this form of art and service. It is no different for a musician or someone who is an inventor. Even consider some of the social or other major lessons you have been through in your life already.

Your guides have had similar experiences and lessons in their own journeys so hence they are equipped to assist you in yours.

Our spirit guides are like our best friends except they are in Spirit.

There is a main set of spirit guides and also an external party of them that serve as specialists to us. I will cover in another blog post on my website carlosthemedium.com about the specific roles of our main set of spirit guides otherwise known in the spiritualist and metaphysical communities as our inner band guides.

Spirit Guides Limitations

Spirit guides see the big picture of why we are all uniquely here. Despite having access to that through their lens there are certain things they can and cannot do for us.

Your spirit guide team is here to support you in your journey but they cannot live your life for you. They cannot interfere with your own personal life lessons nor prevent the things you came here to grow and learn from happening.

Spirit guides also do not have special powers. They cannot stop time or zap electricity like a Marvel superhero might be able to do.

Spirit Guides Main Job

The main duty of our spirit guides is to open and close doors! That is it! They open doors in other words they bring people, opportunities, places, experiences, things, etc into your life when the time comes for those lessons and they do the same to close doors when the lessons have come to end.

Some of these doors that your spirit guides assist you in your life are regarding love, friendships, a move, job change, health, spiritual lesson, etc.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

I will definitely cover this in another blog post soon more in detail but I recommend meditation as the main means to connect with your spirit guides. It is through meditation that we disconnect the mind and allow for an external flow of information to come into our consciousness.

Before your meditation, you want to set the intentions with your spirit guides and ask them to make themselves known during it and to provide you with any relevant information from them.

Connecting with your guides through meditation takes discipline and practice so be patient.

Simply ask them to come through, close your eyes, inhale and exhale. Let the meditation process take place. Before you know it you will receive a message from them.

Mediumship Development and Spirit Guides

If you’re interested in learning to develop your mediumship abilities or how to connect with those in Spirit. I will be offering more blogs on this subject but also will have some upcoming online classes. Please send me a message if you’re interested in learning more about this at carlosthemedium.com/contact.

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If you’re interested in learning to develop your mediumship abilities or how to connect with those in Spirit will have some upcoming online classes on these topics very soon.



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    Carlos is a professional and evidential medium in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area with over 10 years of experience helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed on.

    He is available for readings in person, through Zoom Video, and over the phone.

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