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Someone who is clairsentient has the psychic or intuitive gift of being able to feel or sense energy. We can use the umbrella term “energy” for our context to refer to people, animals, places, things, and even spirits. Remember clairsentience simply means ‘clear feeling.’

If you subconsciously pick up sensations, emotional feelings, or simply the current energy of whatever is around you–chances are you’re a natural clairsentient. When you’re clairsentient, you’re receiving these energy vibrations from a third party–not coming from within yourself.

What Does Clairsentience Feel Like?

To be honest, it truly depends on the situation or the energy you are around.

Sometimes you may feel an immediate rush of energy and other times it may be a slightly subtle feeling that is with you. Regardless you will feel different variations in changes of energy external to you.

We can’t measure clairsentience! But how you are affected by these energy changes around you is dependent on how sensitive you are as a person. To help you figure out whether you have this gift, I made a list of the top ten signs that you are clairsentient.

Your level of sensitivity is ultimately going to determine your clairsentience ability’s strength. The price of being sensitive is–being sensitive.

A Word From Carlos the Medium
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    Top 10 Signs You Are Clairsentient

    10. Heightened Sense of Emotions

    If you are more emotional than others and when you process your feelings you find that they are exponentially more charged than the norm.

    For the average person, they tend to shake off their reaction to something. If you find yourself more times than not overwhelmed with feelings and emotions that is a strong indicator you’re clairsentient.

    9. Others Label You As Being Too Sensitive

    If you get your feelings hurt too easily from a joke or a sarcastic remark towards you, this is a hallmark of a sensitive person. Clairsentience and sensitivity go hand in hand.

    So the next time someone says to you that you are too sensitive, it is probably true. What is also probably true is that your hypersensitive nature takes things to heart more than the average person.

    8. You Avoid Large Crowds

    Do you come out feeling completely drained after shopping at a store during peak hours? Do you feel that your state of mind changes immediately according to what energy is present in a crowded environment?

    If you feel overwhelmed by being around crowds, this is a very strong sign you are clairsentient. Every person is emitting an electromagnetic discharge of their emotional and physical state–from their auric field. 

    If you are clairsentient, you are sensitive enough to pick this up. Hence, the exhausted feeling after leaving a crowded store or event.

    7. You Can Feel The Energy Of A Room

    A true tale sign you are clairsentient is that you can immediately feel the energy of a room once you walk in there. Upon walking into a room you can sense the mood of the conversations and the climate of the energy around you from those present.

    Let’s not forget that clairsentience translates to ‘clear feeling’ and that means you are sensing the energy–whether present or leftover in the room.

    6. You Trust Your Gut Feeling

    You have often heard the saying “go with your gut.” This idiom applies to the intuition that you possess. When using our “gut” as a guide for decisions and actions we trust an ‘inner knowing’ or ‘sense within us’ that defies logic or conscious rationing.

    If your intuitive gut never steers you wrong, you are using two chakras. The solar plexus and sacral chakras are respectively located in your abdomen and belly button region. Both associate with clairsentience.

    Clairsentience is a stronger version of what you receive and process with your intuitive gut. There is usually a correlation of those who are strong in clairsentience being very in tune with their gut feeling on things.

    5. You Cry With Certain Songs and Movies

    We have already stated that those who are sensitive tend to take on feelings and emotions of what they sense around them to the next level.

    If you find yourself crying or get teary-eyed during or after watching certain movies. If you could feel how the character in a film would have felt, then this is a strong sign of your clairsentience.

    Music has that effect on clairsentients as well! Whether it’s a love song that reminds you of someone from your past. Or whether it’s a victory-driven epic score that invokes a memory of you overcoming a major feat in your life.

    4. You Need Your Space To Recharge

    If you find yourself needing “me time” to decompress and recharge your energies more often than not. This need is a result of your ability to sense and feel everything around you. There is an expenditure to being clairsentient since that energy has to go somewhere.

    The more you are around environments that can be overwhelming, the more you will need to find quiet time for respite.

    It’s useful to think of your clairsentience abilities like that of a phone that requires charging after a long day of usage.

    3. People Say You’re Easy To Talk To

    I often associate those who are naturally clairsentient with the ability to empathize. A sensitive clairsentient understands why someone is experiencing what they are in their lives. This allows compassion.

    If you find yourself understanding and feeling what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes (because of your strong ability to connect with others), then you will often hear people tell you are easy to talk to and a good listener.

    2. Toxic People Are Draining

    Those who are clairsentient often distance from those who are negative, toxic, fearful, and overwhelming. People with this type of low vibrating energy can suck the energy out of those who are sensitive to the energies of others.

    Clairsentients often need to shield themselves with protection and light. They don’t always want to pick up the energies of others. Especially those toxic energies that can be overly volatile.

    1. You Can Sense Those In Spirit

    One of the true paramount tell-tale signs you are clairsentient is that you can sense the energies of those who are now in Spirit. You can be a clairsentient psychic or doing it as a medium or both. Those who can feel and perceive those in Spirit are true clairsentients.

    It may be that when you walk into a home you can sense the spirits who once lived there and describe them in detail without any prior knowledge. You also may find that you can connect and sense with photos containing those who are Spirit.

    All in all the ability to connect and sense the energies of those in Spirit is a hallmark sign one is clairsentient.

    How To Develop Your Clairsentience

    There is no magic formula to develop your clairsentience, but a combination of several things. You will need to be disciplined and ensure that you put enough effort along with practice to hone your clairsentient abilities.

    As a professional medium, I have done the following over the years to enhance my clairsentience.


    Entering the silence to work with Spirit is fundamental. Fundamental to expand your clairsentient skills and lightworker abilities.

    The key with meditation is that it has to be consistent and with a set of intentions on what you choose to work on. Spirit will do the rest.

    Why is meditation crucial in your clairsentience development? During meditation, we can tune out our thoughts and ego which allows us to be mindful and centered. Our breath and relaxation allows for us to pick up the subtle vibrations in the universe.

    As we attune to meditation, the easier discerning what you are feeling or sensing will become for you over time.

    My recommendation is to “baby step” it and start with short meditations and build your way up to longer sessions.

    Again, meditation is probably one of the most important practices  to develop your clairsentience–along with your other “clair senses.”

    Feel The Energy In Spaces And Places

    As your meditation is fundamental to your clairsentient growth, so is practicing with your sensing ability.

    You want to begin to practice feeling the energy in a space or place you walk into. Feel the residual vibrations that people, things, and others have left behind.

    You’ll want to sense what you feel immediately when you walk into the room or place. Your feelings and emotions may be subtle or a rush of energy could hit you. It is you who has to discern what you’re receiving while employing your clairsentience.

    Case in point: if you were to walk into a building that was a former mental hospital you would sense the energy of those suffering from mental health. These energies could range from subtle variations to  volatile sensations. You may feel anguish, fear, sadness, and so on.

    The complete difference would be if you walked around an empty lot that was once occupied by a carnival. You should be picking up excitement, thrill, and joy, among other more positive feelings.

    Learn To Read People

    By practicing sensing the energy of people you will have insight into who they are and what they are about. When you use your clairsentience around the presence of someone next to you, what you are feeling is their auric field vibration.

    Their aura contains energy to who they are. You may pick up their state of mind, personality, character, sense of humor, strengths, and weaknesses, and even current health issues.

    Our clairsentience allows us to pick up these subtle vibrations from someone’s aura.  It also helps us gain psychic insight about them–where things may lead to for them.

    Your clairsentience skills around people can be applied with those closest to you or a random person that you just met at Starbucks.

    When using clairsentience, the immediate feelings and emotions you perceive are accurate.

    Learn To Read Objects With Psychometry

    Objects possess energy–as do people and places. Expand your clairsentient skills with psychometry.

    Psychometry is the ability to sense the energy of objects. The best way to practice psychometry is to have someone give you an object you have no prior information or knowledge.  Sense the immediate feelings, emotions, and sensations you draw.

    Case in point: if you held a watch of your friends, you should be able to vibrationally sense the energy of the owner of the watch (or the prior owners). The watch possesses the energy imprinted by the owners.

    Clairsentience Summary

    Your clairsentient ability is a special part of who you are. The more you accept and embrace it, the sooner it will bloom and flourish. This ability is the foundation of the psychic and mediumship craft. Take your time to learn and cultivate your clairsentience as it will serve you your entire lifetime!

    Psychic and Mediumship Development

    If you’re interested in learning to develop your clairsentience abilities or how to connect with those in Spirit, please check out my other blogs on Clairsentience. I will be offering more blogs on this subject and the other clair senses. Also, I will have some upcoming online classes particularly on this subject, so stay tuned for more! Please send me a message if you’re interested in learning more about this at carlosthemedium.com/contact.

    Much Love


    About Carlos The Medium

    Carlos is a professional and evidential medium in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area. He has over 10 years of experience helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed on.He is available for readings in person, through Zoom Video, and over the phone. Please click here to book a session with Carlos.

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      Carlos the Medium

      Carlos is a professional and evidential medium in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area with over 10 years of experience helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed on.

      He is available for readings in person, through Zoom Video, and over the phone.

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