1. Can you explain what a psychic medium is?


A psychic medium cannot only connect intuitively or psychically with the energy of the person to see past, present, and future but as well with those loved ones who have departed and are now in Spirit.


2. What is an evidential medium?


An evidential medium can connect and validate with those who have departed into the Spirit World and provide information to confirm the continuity of life after death.


3. What are the clair senses you use to communicate with Spirit?


I can tune in to Spirit clairsentiently (sensing), clairvoyantly (seeing), and clairaudiently (hearing).


4. What services do you offer?


I offer psychic mediumship readings which consist of seeing psychically the past, present, and future of the client but most importantly connecting evidentially with their loved ones in Spirit and confirming the continuity of life after so-called “death.”


I also teach psychic and mediumship development classes online on various subjects of the psychic and mediumship arts for beginners and advanced students.


5. How are your private readings conducted?


I offer in-person sessions for those local to the Washington D.C. area, Zoom Video, and phone sessions for anyone who would prefer to do their readings by these methods.


6. Is there a difference in doing the reading in-person versus remotely via Zoom Video or a phone reading?


Spirit will come through in all settings whether it is in-person, Zoom, or on the phone.


In-person sessions allow me to tune into your auric field energy directly which provides me with psychic insight into the past, present, and future of your life. I am also able to hold objects or photos from your departed loved ones to pick up the energy emitted from them.


On a Zoom Video meeting and phone session, I have to use your voice as a means to connect with your auric field energy.


7. Are in-person readings more accurate than Zoom Video or phone sessions?


Based on my experience, I can connect just as accurately when I read for a client on Zoom Video or the phone as I do when I read for a client in-person.


It is simply a matter of preference of the client.


8. Can you explain the differences between a 30 min and 50 min session you offer with your private readings?


I recommend the 30 min private sessions for those clients who just want to make a quick check-in to see where their life is and with their loved ones in Spirit and would like to receive a few messages from them.


The 50 min private session is for those who would like to check in to see where their life is and with their loved ones in Spirit and want the additional time to receive messages from them.


9. What do you recommend clients do to prepare for a reading?


I recommend you set the intentions with your loved ones in Spirit and ask them to come through during the reading and identify themselves as best as they can. I would also recommend you ask those in Spirit to give you any messages during your reading that will serve you for your highest good.


It is also important to have an open mind and heart coming into a reading. This allows for the communication process to be more fluid with Spirit since we are dealing with “energy.”


10. Will skepticism affect the reading?


Healthy skepticism is normal. Anything beyond that dilutes the energy to connect with Spirit. My experience has taught me that the more open you’re the easier it is to make contact with those in Spirit.


11. Can clients bring a photo or an object of their loved ones to an in-person session? Will it help?


Yes, if you would like to bring a photo or an object of a loved one such as a ring or a watch this can help in making a connection with them. How so? Everything in the universe is energy and their energy gets imprinted onto objects and photos.




12. Why do you have the client say their name and the phrase “It is a beautiful day” out loud during a reading?


In mediumship, when we are connecting to Spirit we are connecting to energy. Your name serves as a vibratory resonance that emits radio waves out into the collective space of our session. Coupled with a positive affirmation such as “It is a beautiful day” we can raise the energy to link up with Spirit. Remember like attracts like.


13. Why do you use numerology during a reading?


Your month and day of your birthday allow me to use numerology to determine your personal year number in regards to the current calendar year. Your personal year number lets me see the energy and lessons of what you’re experiencing in the current calendar year in correlation to your birthday. It is essentially a useful and effective psychic tool.


14. Can you bring through negative or dark energy during a reading? Has it ever happened before?


Everything you do in the universe is based on the intentions of what you put out there. Our intention is for the highest good to make contact with your loved ones in Spirit so we going to attract that higher positive vibration.


Remember like attracts like. It is no different in mediumship. In all of my 10 plus professional years serving as a medium, I have never connected or brought through negative or dark energy.


15. Do you believe in God?


Yes, I do. I was raised Roman Catholic and my relationship with God is rooted in faith and love.


16. How does your ministry interweave with your mediumship profession?


I am an ordained minister through the United Metaphysical Churches and through our spiritual beliefs we believe in the communication with Spirit. I am also a “certified medium” through our church and I have had the necessary education and training in mediumship.


17. Where do those in Spirit reside?


In an infinitely high vibration of light and pure love.


18. What is the main message our loved ones in Spirit have for us?


That they love and cherish us unconditionally and to not worry about them. Life is a precious gift so every day is a blessing.


19. Do our pets crossover into Spirit as well?


Yes, I do. I believe that energy never dies it just transitions from one state to another state.


20. Do you teach students how to develop their own psychic and mediumship skills?


Yes, I do. Read all of my educational blogs on my website and check out any upcoming classes I may have. Contact me if you’re interested in private mentoring or if you have any questions about any classes.




Connect With Your Loved Ones

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