Your Connected to Spirit

In today’s digital age, we have immediate access to many of life’s conveniences at the touch of our fingerprints. We can get many answers and solutions immediately from our smartphones and tablets. Recipes, directions, recommendations, etc.  What happens though when we need spiritual guidance or reassurance from our loved ones and guides that we are making the right decision’s or we are on the right path? How do we know ourselves that Spirit is walking with us along the path when things get a bit difficult? The signs are always present but sometimes we need to take our blinders off and just trust.

It’s not easy always. Trust me, I know!

Well here are a few ways that you’re connected to Spirit:

1) Dreams are free! Often, I recommend to my clients to ask their loved ones and guides before going to bed to present themselves during their dreams with an appearance or a message. It may take a few nights before they check-in so don’t be discouraged that it doesn’t happen in a night or two. Have a pad and pen ready when you wake up in the morning to write down any connections or messages that may have come through.

2) Silence the mind through meditation! You have immediate access to your loved ones and guides in spirit through the quieting of the mind – meditation. This technique and practice do take time to develop but oftentimes with enough diligence, you will begin to receive feelings, impressions, and messages to know you’re not walking alone. At first, you may find meditation,  just leads you to breathe and closing your eyes without any major eye-opening experiences. Remember the connections are subtle! With time, you’ll learn to discern your connections and be able to clear away any mind distracting chatter.

3) Ask and you shall receive. Begin to notice, how with time doors in your life present themselves to you for your highest good. These doors of change and opportunity are the universe working behind closed doors. It is also a sign from your loved ones and guides that they’re listening to you. Remember, we attract into our lives what we put out. Take a moment to reflect, on times when you were lost or in despair, and the right people, opportunities, and situations guided you through the storm. That is Spirit once again!

4) Lastly, ask your loved ones and guides to use everyday life to give you a message that they’re with you. I often see cardinals when I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place as a sign that this experience is just temporary. The universe is infinite so don’t be surprised that a message may come through a song on the radio that is inspirational for your situation at hand or as a sign from a loved one that you may identify with them through a specific song. Look for things in nature, through a message at a billboard sign, or numbers, something to capture your attention that they’re with you.

“What you seek is seeking you.”   ― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

  Much Love Carlos

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