Pet Communications

I have owned dogs and cats for most of my life. They have provided me much happiness and feel there is a strong spiritual connection we have with our animals. I am a proud owner of a Brittany named Nina who I spend many hours of the week hiking and playing with at the local dog park. I am available to connect with your beloved pets that are living and tune into their energy via psychic means to check in on their feelings, thoughts, and behavior. I will also be available to assess any past memories of your pet that may be affecting them still currently. I cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe but your pet may point out certain things that are bothering them. You will be allowed to ask questions throughout the session to get feedback from your beloved pet.

Pet Communications Pricing

20 Minutes


40 Minutes


*Preference is through Zoom or via telephone. Please provide a photo of your pet via email if doing a phone session. Each session is limited to one pet.

*By scheduling and or paying for a pet communications session with Carlos you state you have read and agree to the terms of use in the Disclaimer.

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