Clairvoyance! The ability to see Spirit!

Let’s talk a bit about clairvoyance! It means clear seeing. Out of all your spidey senses, this one gives us the ability to see Spirit.

We’ve all heard the saying – that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a clairvoyant vision is worth just as much or even more!!

This is because so much detailed information can come through vision. Let’s say you were to see like a Kodak photo of an elderly lady with white hair wearing a blue dress.

Immediately her blue dress sticks out! Her hair, complexion, age, physical well being, height, weight, jewelry, and demeanor just to name a few things should stand out as well.

So just from clairvoyance, we have all this information from Spirit about a loved one. It would take more energy and complicate things if Spirit were to have you feel like this lady in a blue dress. Also, it would take too many words to describe this loved one.

So Spirit will always use the – Path of Least Resistance (easiest route) to bring through the loved one.

So if you’re wondering why the blue dress may be significant? Well, I once had a vision of this exact person at a gallery demonstration. It was the grandmother of the person I was connecting for and she was buried in a beautiful blue dress. The family immediately knew it was their Nana.

See how Spirit works in amazing ways to let us know that those who are in Spirit are still with us!!

Use your clairvoyance when you want to see specific details with a loved one. Perhaps how they looked or how they may have passed. You can also use it to obtain psychic information for the person you’re connecting for.

You can get a lot more information with one symbol than a bunch of images so don’t be afraid to learn what symbols mean.

Try this sometime! Place a blindfold on and give messages to a friend or family member. This is a useful technique to enhance and practice your clairvoyance. Just go with whatever images come through. Spirit always has your back!

Much Love


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