Clairsentience! The ability to sense and feel Spirit!

Clairsentience – it translates to clear feeling and sensing. It often is the most overlooked sense since it does not seem profound and obvious such as the other senses.

That being said – clairsentience packs a very strong punch as part of your spidey senses that you have equipped under your arsenal to connect with Spirit.

The majority and the good bulk of your links to Spirit will come through this sense. Why? Energy is energy and in mediumship, these energies are very subtle vibrations. That’s when and where clairsentience comes in handy. This is because you use this sense in everyday life without even realizing it.

So it is important to recognize your ability to feel the spirit people coming through. Do they feel like parental figures? A fatherly, motherly, or best friend type connection? You’ll have to use your sensing abilities to feel what you’re picking up.

The more you begin to trust your clairsentience the more it will become second nature where you will never question it.

In a mediumship session always try and start with clairsentience as it requires less energy to manifest through. From there use your other senses to obtain other specifics that would be much more difficult to express through clairsentience.

How can you increase and improve your clairsentience? Just feel the energy in the room the next time you’re in the office or the energy at a specific place such as at a church service.

Much Love


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