Clairvoyance! The ability to see Spirit!

Let’s talk a bit about clairvoyance! It means clear seeing. Out of all your spidey senses, this one gives us the ability to see Spirit. We’ve all heard the saying – that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a clairvoyant vision is worth just as much or even more!! This is because so […]

Clairsentience! The ability to sense and feel Spirit!

Clairsentience – it translates to clear feeling and sensing. It often is the most overlooked sense since it does not seem profound and obvious such as the other senses. That being said – clairsentience packs a very strong punch as part of your spidey senses that you have equipped under your arsenal to connect with […]

Your Connected to Spirit

In today’s digital age, we have immediate access to many of life’s conveniences at the touch of our fingerprints. We can get many answers and solutions immediately from our smartphones and tablets. Recipes, directions, recommendations, etc.  What happens though when we need spiritual guidance or reassurance from our loved ones and guides that we are […]